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Drain 365 provide grease trap cleaning services throughout London and the surrounding areas. A grease trap acts as an interceptor which is usually located in kitchens and restaurant drains.

The job of the grease trap is to separate oils, fats, grease and food waste from the water. It does this to prevent oils, food and fats getting into the drainage system.

Grease traps can be found in kitchens or sometimes on the outside of the kitchen. It is mainly used in restaurants, hotels, and other food places.

Big places such as schools and colleges will more than likely have the grease trap located outside underground. For smaller businesses and restaurants it is usually located in the kitchen.

Why do grease traps need cleaning?

Grease traps that are left without cleaning can lead to many problems. If left the levels of collected fats, grease and food waste will rise.

This can then result in other problems such as blocked drains, waste returning to the sink, bad smelling odours and fats, oils and grease getting into the sewer system.

The cleaning and maintenance of a grease trap it is the sole responsibility of the owner.

They are required to have someone to come and check on the grease trap and clean it if necessary.

Failing to have a grease trap cleaned can lead to fines from the Health and Safety regulations.

For grease trap cleaning in London contact, the drainage experts Drain 365 on 0800 699 0922 for a free quotation.

“Fantastic job! Very methodical working out where the blockage was. Had all the equipment required to hand and cleaned up afterwards.”
“Extremely happy with the work carried out and the friendly attitude of the 2 workers who were able to answer all my queries for the work.”
“Called them about the drain, arrived and fixed the drain on the same day. Fast, and tidy work done.”

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