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Rat Blockers London & Hertfordshire

Cities and towns across the UK are struggling to deal with rat problems and infestations from other vermin. The most effective way of dealing with any kind of rodent infestation is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Thanks to reliable rat blockers from Drain 365, you’ll be able to keep your property’s drains secured against vermin.

The experienced team at Drain 365 can deliver cruelty-free vermin prevention measures for homes and businesses. Vermin blockers are quickly becoming one of the most popular features for drains across the UK, particularly in cities and towns. Rats, mice and vermin of all kinds commonly use drains and pipes as ways to enter businesses and homes. They can cause long-term problems for all kinds of properties.

How Do Rat Blockers Work?

Rat blockers are an extremely simple design. They can be thought of as one-way doors which allow waste to exit your property but prevent anything from entering. These drainage features are the most effective way of preventing any kind of infestation on your property. As the rats cannot enter via your drains, they will not be given the opportunity to set up a nest.

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Rat blockers are made from hard-wearing metal plates which are installed at key points in your drainage system. These metal doorways will be attached via a simple hinge to the interior walls of the pipe. They cannot be opened from the wrong size. Even if a rodent does attempt to get around them, these solutions will activate a hard-wearing lock. Waste materials and water will quickly and easily flow away from your property, meaning that there is no chance of a blockage developing.

These solutions are at their most effective when installed on the main drain line. This can prevent vermin from accessing your home or business’ drainage system completely.

Why are Rat Traps and Pesticides a Bad Choice?

Both rat traps and pesticides are popular ways of dealing with vermin infestations on your property. However, they only work when the rats or mice are already present. They can sometimes be a good way of clearing your property, but this will often be too late. Rats can bring with them a variety of illnesses, germs and dirt into your home or business. As soon as they enter your property, rats can start to cause health hazards for your family, employees or customers.

Rat traps and pesticides themselves can also be extremely harmful. Pesticides can cause health hazards to people and pets when ingested or encountered. They are also unsuitable for a range of different environments, including any business or space involving the preparation of food. As rats are attracted to food, they are more than likely going to gravitate towards your kitchen or storeroom. Having to treat these areas with pesticide can be a massive inconvenience and extremely dangerous.

Thanks to these blockers, you’ll also be able to eliminate rat traps in and around your building. Rat traps can be unpleasant to install, and even worse to clear away when they’ve worked. Dead or trapped rats are potentially more hazardous to your health than living pests and are riddled with all kinds of bacteria and germs. Thanks to these blockers, you’ll never have to clear away another rat trap again.

The Practical Benefits of Rat Blockers for Your Home or Business

Rat blockers can deliver a range of unique benefits to your property. They are much more effective than any kind of rat services and can help to save long-term property damage and health issues. Just some of the features of rat blockers include:


As these prevention solutions are made from hard-wearing metal, there is no hazardous chemical required. This method prevents rats from entering your premises humanely. It involves no mess, requires no clean-up and can prevent unpleasant odours.

Durable and Adaptable

Thanks to the design of these rat blockers, they’ll be able to fit in most sewer systems. They can quickly and easily be installed in plastic, clay and concrete sewage pipes.

Thanks to the hard-wearing, acid-resistant metal of these blockers, they will provide a long-lasting reliable service. Some blocker designs can fail after a few short years as they are worn down by the waste passing by. Here at Drain 365, we provide only the highest-quality blockers for homes, businesses and industrial facilities.


As they do not require any on-going maintenance, these solutions are extremely cost-effective. They can be quickly and easily installed in a range of systems without causing any damage to the pipes themselves.

Drain 365 Ltd specialise in stopping rat and vermin problems, we have the experience and equipment to locate the entry point within the drainage systems. Once located we can the blank off the entry point in the pipelines using epoxy patch repairs or cure in place liners. We can also install rat blockers in the pipelines to prevent vermin from being able to navigate through the pipelines.


The rat blockers are environmentally friendly, and V-A approved.


Rat blockers can be installed on pipe lines from 100mm to 250mm in diameter


Once a rat blocker is installed the vermin will not be able to enter the pipe lines


The rat blockers have a double spiked one-way gate to prevent vermin from passing and are spring loaded to hold the rat blocker securely in the pipeline.

For Hard-Wearing Rat Blockers in London and Hertfordshire, Get in Touch Today

Here at Drain 365, we can provide a comprehensive drainage services to all kinds of properties. We can install hard-wearing rat blockers in businesses and homes to prevent health risks, structural damage and the loss of reputation. Every year, hundreds of businesses are closed due to health hazards relating to rats. These vermin blockers can prevent these issues from ever developing.

For more information on the benefits of rat blockers in the London and Hertfordshire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can reach the Drain 365 specialists at 0800 699 0922 to talk to one of our experts. Alternatively, you can send any questions or concerns you might have to our team via our simple online contact form.

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