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Are you experiencing rat and rodent problems in London? Drain365 are more than drainage experts we are also able to exterminate and eradicate all types of vermin problems.

Rats and rodents are known to be a hazard to our health and well-being they carry all types of diseases which can be transferred to humans causing even more problems if you run a restaurant or pet store.

Be prepared and take measures to prevent them from getting into your home by laying traps to kill the vermin before they enter the property.

Rats and rodents are easy to exterminate with traps and other methods but it doesn’t always resolve the problem by killing a few, usually they will nest somewhere out of reach of man which can be a drain pipe, air conditioning tunnels and more.

Therefore, drain365 Ltd take on the challenge not just to exterminate the rats and rodents but to eliminate the source, by removing the nest the rats and rodents have no choice but to either remake the nest or to relocate.

Once the nest is removed we will lay multiple traps and poison to kill them off and drive them away.

The poison method Is designed to kill the rodents but at the same time if they’re not removed or cannot be found the poison starts to act to dry out the body of the rodent so it doesn’t create an unpleasant smell or spread further disease making it the perfect long term solution for any rodents venturing to create a new nest.

Why Drains Can be the Source of Your Vermin Problem

Almost 90% of rodent and rat infestations are aided by defective drains. Rats can burrow out from faults within the drainage system such as open joints and redundant lines.

From here they nest underneath properties and in cavity walls. At this point, it doesn’t take long for an infestation to develop.

Once the rodents have established their nest they are able to reproduce up to 15 times per year and each female rodent is able to produce 2,000 infants the space of the year.

Taking steps to resolve the problem quickly and effectively could potentially save you a lot of time and money and if you run a business it could even stop the need to have to close temporarily and even satisfy the food safety officers, who regularly check restaurants for cleanliness and infestations.

What can you do?

  • Housekeeping – Good housekeeping is essential if you are a home owner. Rats, mice and all types of rodents feast off any food scraps which are left out, we would therefore definitely recommend that any food stuffs are not left lying about.
  • Set Traps – Setting traps will alert you to an infestation before it can become serious, saving you time money and resources.
  • Do not release them – If you catch one, do not release the rodent, it will only go back to the nest and return with a more precarious attitude.
  • Check Drain Systems – At Drain365 we would also suggest it is a clever idea to have your drains checked by means of a CCTV inspection. This will find if you have any rodent activities or entry points in to your property.

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