Rat & Rodent Problems London

All major cities in the UK are dealing with rodent problems. Infestations are common and can be incredibly difficult to deal with, especially in the tight confines of cities like Manchester and Birmingham. Rat problems in London could make your property, whether it’s a residential or business building, unsafe for habitation. Rodent Problems in London can be almost impossible to deal with effectively, especially without the help of a professional team.

At Drain 365 Ltd, we have been working with businesses and homeowners to eradicate rat problems in London for many years. In addition to being drainage experts, we can effectively exterminate any vermin problems you might be dealing with. We all know that vermin are a major health hazard and can carry dangerous diseases, so it is important to deal with rodent problems in London quickly and effectively.

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Professional Exterminators In London

Individually, rodents can be fairly simple to deal with. A couple of traps in some key places and you can quickly deal with one unwanted guest. However, this isn’t really an effective method when it comes to larger scale infestations. In most instances, the main infestation will occur out of easy reach – this can include drain pipes, air conditioning tunnels and sewers. In order to ensure that your property is completely cleared of rodent problems, you need to take advantage of reliable extermination services from Drain 365 Ltd.

Our professional team don’t just work to exterminate the infestation, but we focus on the destruction of the source. By removing the rats’ nest, the vermin have no choice but to relocate. This is an effective way of clearing out the source of infestation without having to focus on killing each of the vermin individually. Once the nest has been cleared, our team will work to deploy multiple traps and specific poisons. We can work to eliminate rat problems in London by driving rats away from your property permanently.

Rat & Rodent Problems London
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Long-Term Rat Poisons For Rodent Problems

The poisons that we use to deal with rat problems in London are not only useful when it comes to killing the rodents. Vermin which are destroyed in inaccessible areas can often cause long-lasting problems if they aren’t dealt with. Our rat poisons dry out the rodent’s body after death. Not only can that prevent any off-putting smells which could hang around for days, or even weeks at a time, but it also limits the spread of any potential diseases the vermin might have been carrying. These can include:

  • Salmonellosis – When the rodent comes into contact with food or liquids, it can contaminate them with salmonellosis. The most common symptoms of this illness are diarrhoea, fever, vomiting and can be life-threatening in both the elderly and children.
  • Leptospirosis – This is a bacterial disease which rodents can infect water with. It can be transmitted simply by coming into contact with the same water. The symptoms can vary from a mild headache or muscle pains to severe bleeding from the lungs.
  • Rat-Bite Fever – This is a rare illness, but one which can be caught by coming into contact with an infected rodent. The symptoms can include red or purple rashes, chills, fevers, vomiting and swollen joints.

Even if you try to use store-bought traps, you are often putting yourself at risk of contagion. The only truly effective way to be sure of a complete eradication of a vermin infestation is to work with a professional extermination team. If you’re suffering with rodent problems in London, then you need to contact a professional team before you put yourself at any risk.

Drains Are A Common Source Of Rat Problems

Almost 90% of all rodent infestations are made possible thanks to defective drains. Rats are incredibly clever creatures, and can easily find access through even the smallest gap in your system. Typically, entry points can include open joints and redundant drainage lines – both of which are fairly common in large cities.

Once a rodent infestation has begun, rats are able to produce up to 15 times in the space of a year. Every female rodent can give birth to more than 2,000 infants every 12 months, so any rodent problems in London need to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Resolving these issues quickly and efficiently could save you both time and money, especially if you run a business.

Suffering With Rat Problems In London? Contact Drain 365 Ltd Today!

As one of the UK’s leading drainage specialists, we can quickly and easily source a vermin infestation and deal with rat problems in London. Our exterminators use only the best poisons which help to eliminate odours and stop the spread of disease. Our team can provide in-depth CCTV drain surveys to identify the developing nest and destroy it, preventing the rodents from returning as soon as we leave.

If you’re suffering under rodent problems in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Drain 365 Ltd today. You can reach us directly on 0800 699 0922 for immediate service or, for less urgent questions and queries, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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