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Drain Clearance London

Identify what’s causing the blockage. There are different ways of dealing with different types of blocked drains. The most common reason that a drain becomes blocked is because there is hair or grease in the drain. This is particularly true for shower, sinks and foul drains.

Sometimes, the sink isn’t fully clogged but is just sluggish, with water running slow to the drain. If that’s the issue, try running hot water through the pipes for a couple minutes.

If it’s soap scum or oil, or grease, this may do the job for you. If this approach does not turn out to be sufficient, you should use a good drain cleaner rather than simply using hot water.

You would find that usually, hot water and drain cleaners don’t do a great job. The best and easiest approach then is to pick up the plunger. Fill up the sink a little bit with water and place the plunger on the strainer.

Now start pushing in and out quickly with force and keep plunging for some time without stopping. Pressure would build up inside the pipes and may move whatever is blocking the flow of water.

Small clogs rarely hold back against plunger pressure, especially if it’s continual and exerted with greater force. For better results, use a rubber plunger rather than a plastic one.

If plungers don’t do the job for you, then you need to work on the drain trap. Take a bucket and put it just beneath the trap and open the trap. You may find some hair or other stuff there that may be clogging the drain. Clean up the trap as much as you can and see if that solves your problem. You can run water for a few minutes to see if everything works well now.

If the line is still blocked even after clearing the trap, then the problem would be inside the wall drain. Take a cable auger and insert the cable into the pipe till it reaches the blockage. Push the cable harder so that it would pass through the blockage. Now pull it back and most of the blockage will come out with the cable.

Fix the trap back and run water through the sink to check if the flow is fine now. Though cable auger clears the bulk of the blockage, some small hair or clogs may still be there attached to the walls of the drain pipe. So if you still experience slow water flow, use the plunger to clear any leftover debris inside the pipes.

Drain Clearance London

Need Your Drains Cleaned? We have the solution for you!

  • PROFESSIONAL SEWER CLEANING – When the blockage is caused by tree roots or collapsed pipes then you will most likely need to call a local drain cleaning company to remove and replace the damaged section of the sewer line and to clear the rest of the drain lines from debris and dirt using a High pressure water jet or sewer snake.
  • SIGNS OF A SEWER BACK UP PROBLEM? – Usually the first signs of a sewer back up problem are the smelly odors coming from the sewer and a rather slow drain. If you do not unclog the partial blockage in time then these symptoms will be followed by the first actual sewer water backing up through your sink, toilet or other drains. When the sewer line becomes completely blocked then the sewage water has no choice but to reverse back into your home. In these situations calling us would be one of your best options. With fully trained polite skilled engineers who will always do their best to get things flowing again.
  • CLOGGED KITCHEN SINK DRAINS – Soap, grease and detergents slowly build up on the inner walls of your drain lines and can eventually cause a backup. We have the right equipment to thoroughly clean your drains, clear the blockage, and get rid of that debris. If you find yourself doing this regularly, it’s time to call in the professionals!
  • SHOWER & BATH DRAINS – If you see yourself standing water you have a blocked drain that can eventually lead to a complete backup. Properly functioning bath drains should always carry away water almost instantly. Call us and we will help get your drain cleaned today!
  • BATHROOM SINK DRAINS – Hair, soap, and toothpaste are the most common cause to your bathroom sinks draining slowly. Drain 365 will remove the Blockage and thoroughly clean the entire pipe so your sink will drain like new.
  • TOILET DRAINS – Toilets can block up when you least expect it! Usually the cause is an abundant use of toilet paper and even the occasional kid’s toy. Drain 365 can solve the problem. Whether its large or small we have the right equipment to clean your blocked toilet.
  • MAIN SEWER LINES – Main sewer lines are the largest drains in your home. All your household drains lead to your main sewer line. These lines run underground from the house and connect to either a municipal sewer line or a septic system. These lines may get blocked for various reasons, even tree roots that penetrate the pipe. If you have a main sewer back-up, all your toilets and drains throughout the house will begin to backup which can be a stressful situation for you, the homeowner. Give us a call today to get your get your drain cleared by a fully trained engineer.
“Fantastic job! Very methodical working out where the blockage was. Had all the equipment required to hand and cleaned up afterwards.”
“Extremely happy with the work carried out and the friendly attitude of the 2 workers who were able to answer all my queries for the work.”
“Called them about the drain, arrived and fixed the drain on the same day. Fast, and tidy work done.”

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