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Using some of the most advanced and highly developed technology in the plumbing industry, drain lining is renowned for being one of the most effective and efficient techniques used to repair broken, cracked or in other ways damaged drainage pipes.

Traditional draining replacements methods meant that large scale construction-like machinery was hired to excavate the land around the pipeline, which in turn was dug up and replaced as required.

Not only did this take time, it also cost businesses and homeowners large sums of money in hire fees and insurances as well as damaging property and land for the foreseeable future.

Now, thanks to the technological advances in plumbing technology, this is no longer the case as pipelines can fixed with minimal land damage and minimal costs.

What Do You Mean By ‘Drain Lining’?

Drain lining is a recent advance where our experienced and highly trained professional engineers can mould or repair a pipeline using high quality plastics that strengthen and replace the existing drainage pipes.

This guarantees strength and quality once set. Using advanced systems that control air pressures, a tight fitting mould can be injected into your drainage system, filling in cracks, gaps and holes whilst creating a seamless, joint free, watertight pipe that can last years.

How Do You Line a Drain?

The first thing we do here at Drain365 is to assess the problem with your drain, allowing us to identify the issues which our technicians can then expertly correct.

Using an advanced camera system, our teams insert a single flexible rod, fitted with a high-resolution CCTV camera, into your drainpipe, enabling us to locate any blockages, cracks or damage in your system.

Once we have identified the problem, our team of engineers can set about fixing it. Our proven process is as follows;

A Fresh Start

Once we have identified the damaged area, our technician teams will use a high pressured water system to clear out your pipeline, removing any blockages, debris and even cutting through invasive tree or plant roots that could have invaded and damaged your pipe. This results in a smooth rubbish free environment for your new pipe to be installed.

A New Resin Liner

Following our initial steps, the damaged area of your pipeline is then coated with a specially formulated resin that bonds to your existing pipeline.

We then proceed to insert our special rubber tubing into your pipeline which is consequently inflated, pushing the resin into the shape of your pipeline, filling in all damaged areas and holes, creating a new layer of resin protection. This is effectively a new pipe inside your existing one.

Post Work Analysis

To ensure the work has been carried out properly, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your damaged pipe will no longer be a problem, our trained technicians will then re-insert the CCTV rod, allowing them to clearly assess the work that was carried out, guaranteeing structural integrity and the quality of the set.

Throughout the plumbing and drainage industry, it has been proven time and time again that relined pipes are far stronger than original pipelines and can last years without any significant or problematic damage.
Is This Technique Also Used For Repairs?

It is indeed! If your pipeline has suffered damage caused by external elements, such as the ones listed above, you may not need a full pipe relining service, rather just a few repairs to maintain the integrity of your existing pipeline.

This is a much more cost effective solution to relining an entire pipe as we can only target the damaged areas, leaving you with a corrected pipeline in minimal time, cost or work.

We follow the exact same process as the relining method, but instead of relining the entire pipe with resin, our technicians only target the damaged areas, leaving you with a pipeline that can last years without any problems.

All the work is carried out by trained and highly qualified technicians that have years of experience behind them. If you’re interested in how our drain relining services can benefit you or for more information on any of the services we provide, contact us today and one of your friendly members of staff will be happy to help!

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