Drain Lining in St Albans


Over the years, our experienced team of drainage specialists have worked to eliminate all manner of drainage issues. We can conduct complete repairs for all kinds of damaged systems to prevent them from causing long-term property damage. Drain 365 were called upon to repair a damaged drain beneath a local park in St Albans. Using industry-leading drain lining in St Albans, we were able to restore the drainage system to complete working order.

In the past, we’ve been able to provide all kinds of drainage services, including drain repair and drain unblocking in St Albans. The Drain 365 team can deliver a comprehensive range of services to protect your property from water damage. Whether you’re looking to restore a private or public drainage system to full working order, get in touch with our experienced team today.

Drain Lining in St Albans for A Local Park

Using our professional drain relining services, we were able to completely repair the damage caused to the St Albans’ park. Over the years, the drain pipes beneath the park had suffered due to a range of natural concerns. The integrity of the pipe had been compromised by compacted leaf blockages, causing the system to deliver a reduced efficiency.

One of the most serious issues that this system was suffering from was the presence of tree root intrusions. These tree roots broke into the drain pipes, causing loose connections and fractures within the pipes themselves. As the tree roots had already caused the damage, simple clearing and prevention treatments would not have worked.

To resolve the problems within the drainage system, we first cleared the drain of all blockages. This allowed the waste water to flow freely and prevent the water remaining in the system. Following that, we commenced with the drain lining procedure. This involved the introduction of a 30m polyester liner to the system. Once the liner had moved through the pipe, we inflated it to create a new seal for the drain pipes.

Thanks to our drain relining solutions, we were able to create a practical new line within the existing drainpipes. This prevents waste water from the escaping the system. As such, this drain lining will help the park to avoid serious damage for years to come.

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Here at Drain 365, our experienced team has worked to deliver a complete range of drain repairs and replacement services. We can help practically any property to avoid the damages caused by damaged drains. We can deliver drain lining in St Albans and to properties across Hertfordshire.

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