Emergency Flood Prevention at Pub in Leyton


Emergency Flood Prevention in Leyton

The Drain 365 team was called in to provide emergency flood prevention for a pub in Leyton, London. The pub regularly suffered from issues due to a Thames Water Line, which couldn’t cope in heavy downpours. As such, it often caused flooding in the local area, leading to damaged stock and property.

Thanks to our professional services, we can help all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial properties to avoid damage caused by flooding. We can deliver a full range of techniques for flood prevention in Leyton, London and further afield, including:

  • Hydrosacks and Hydrosnakes.
  • Drain Seals to Prevent Backwash from Drains.
  • Door Barriers to Hold Off Flood Water.
  • Submersible Water Pumps.
  • Emergency Flood Kits.
  • Hessian Sandbags.
  • Air Brick Covers.

Flooding can cause serious damage to all kinds of properties. In homes, it can also cause irreparable damage to treasured family belongings. In businesses, it can ruin stock and cost your company a great deal of money. Thanks to Drain 365’s professional services, this pub in Leyton can rest assured that it will no longer suffer serious damage due to local flooding.

Call Drain 365 for Flood Prevention in Leyton for Both Businesses and Homes

If your home or business is at-risk of flooding, get in touch with our experienced team today. Over the years, Drain 365’s engineers have worked to protect a wide range of properties. In the past, we’ve delivered flood prevention to domestic, commercial and industrial properties of all kinds. We can provide emergency services to eliminate flooding in your property in addition to preventative measures.

If you’re looking to protect your property from flooding due to a faulty Thames Water Line, our team are here for you. We can work with you to eliminate flooding damage to your property and limit the inconvenience it can cause to your home or business.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We can offer advice and practical services for flood prevention in Leyton, London or further afield. If you want to get in touch with our experienced team, you can call us directly on 0800 699 0922. You can also email any questions or concerns that you might have using our simple online contact form.