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    Also known as no-dig technology in the plumbing industry, drain lining is one of the most effective ways to repair a broken, cracked or fractured pipe.

    A large number of commercial building owners and homeowners now prefer to opt for drain lining techniques to repair minor damaged pipes; a durable, long-lasting solution that is also a fraction of the cost of drain replacement.

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    What is CIPP Relining?

    CIPP, the abbreviation for Cured-In-Place-Piping, is another name for the trenchless technology that repairs pipework with a seamless layer within the pipe.

    These drain liners are made from a durable resin and will be better than the existing drain in quality and strength once it is cured in place.

    A drain lining is fitted by moulding it into place inside the old pipe using air pressure. It is made to fit tightly against the old pipework making sure the drain is fully watertight.

    Over time, subsidence or ground movement caused by traffic can end up damaging underground pipes. Added to that, invasive tree roots also tend to crawl through pipe joints and small cracks. Once cracked the surrounding soil might also be washed into the pipe leading to complicated problems.

    Drain lining is a reliable repair that offers strength and durability and can be fitted the full length of a pipe or as a patch repair.

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    How Does Drain Lining Work in Hertfordshire?

    When our drainage engineers undertake drain lining in Hertfordshire, it is almost always done in the same manner. When you request a drain to be lined or relined, the first step is to identify the reasons behind the problem. Today, this is done using CCTV drain survey probe, which is pushed into the pipe using a push-rod.

    The footage inside the pipe is analysed on the ground, and then an effective strategy is designed for the relining.

    Here are the three simple steps that make up the drain lining process:

    Clearing Way

    Once the reason behind the leak or blockage is identified, technicians use high water pressure to clear out the pipe. This pressure is enough to clear the pipe of any debris, and it also cuts through invasive tree roots. Doing this also facilitates a smooth surface for the resin to bond with.

    Installing Resin Liner

    Next, the inside of the affected region of the pipe is coated with a sturdy resin bonding material. Special rubber tubing is then pushed into the pipe and inflated. This forces the resin coating to bond to the wall of the tube making a leak-proof seal.

    Post Lining Checkup

    As soon as the resin is successfully installed, the rubber tubing is pulled out. Later the technicians conduct another CCTV drain camera survey to check the integrity of the bond.

    Relined pipes are usually much stronger than the original ones and barely cause any trouble for years! If a particular part of a pipe is broken, patches can also be used instead of relining.

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    How to repair damaged drains in Hertfordshire with drain lining?

    Installing a drain lining in damaged drains is one of the most cost effective ways to repair a broken drain.

    A drain lining will have to be installed by specialist drain companies who have all the skills, knowledge and equipment needed to be able to fit new drain lining products. A CCTV drain survey will show if a new drain lining is necessary and many drainage problems can be found with the use of a CCTV drain survey.

    Blocked drains are very common, and both commercial and domestic properties can suffer from blocked drains. This problem can pose some health risks, and customers who are having drainage problems should call a CCTV drain survey company as soon as possible so they can investigate the problem and find the cause.

    Most damaged drains can be repaired by installing a new drain lining, and most CCTV drain survey companies will recommend a drain lining rather than an entirely new pipe.

    More about repairing your drains

    The benefits of a drain lining are that the old pipe doesn’t need to be exacted and a new lining can be installed with minimal disruption.

    A drain lining as the name suggest will line the current pipe and act like a new pipe inside the old one. This will repair any holes or cracks in a pipe so water can flow freely again.

    If you keep having blocked drains or have found your drains are leaking, then these are signs that you may need to invest in a drain lining to resolve the problems. As a homeowner, you will need to action contact a drain engineers to survey your drainage for repair.

    A CCTV drain survey which is carried out by a drain engineers will show exactly where the drain lining needs to be placed to fix the problem.

    The lining will be moulded into place using air pressure and will fit tightly against the wall of the existing pipe. The CCTV drain survey will include a full written report, colour DVD, drainage layout drainage, utility hole schedule and recommendations to resolve the problem.

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