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    When your drains begin misbehaving, you may wonder where to turn. Be it a blocked drain, a faulty pipe that needs repair or replacing or a survey that needs conducting, Drain 365 are a drainage company in Tring that can deliver these and many more.

    We’ve gained a positive reputation for our drainage service in Tring thanks to the work undertaken by our experienced, diligent team who take the utmost care in every project they work on.

    Combine this with our competitive prices and emergency service, it’s no wonder that more and more customers in Tring are choosing to use Drain 365 for their drainage problems.

    At Drain 365, we believe in being there for you when you need us most. We all know that drainage problems can occur at any time of day, or night, and that finding help at unsociable hours or Bank Holidays can be a pain. Not with Drain 365.

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    Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide drainage repairs, flood water removal, drain clearances and other drainage works that you may require.

    No matter the time or day, we’re here for you and are only a phone call away. If you are looking for emergency drain services in Tring, Watton at StoneRoyston or surrounding areas, get in touch today

    If you are experiencing drainage issues in Tring, suffering from blocked drains London or would benefit from one of our CCTV drain surveys London, speak to a member of our team today or email us through our contact form.

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    Cleaning Blocked Drains in Tring

    Have you found yourself with a blocked drain at your commercial property or home? If you can smell foul odours that you suspect to be coming from the drains or water is draining slowly down the sink then these are warning signs that your drains could be clogged up.

    A blocked toilet that refuses to flush away waste is one of the more obvious signs that a clog exists in the drainage system that will need to be addressed in order for the toilet to function properly again. In a home or place of work, a toilet that is out of operation can become a big problem fairly quickly especially if there’s limited toilet facilities at the property. Usual reasons for drains becoming blocked are the flushing or emptying of unsuitable materials that end up in the drainage system. Flushing paper towels, baby wipes, tampons and sanitary pads down the toilet is a sure-fire way to get a blocked drain, as are pouring fats, oil and grease down the sink as this sticks to the pipework and hardens when cooled, causing obstruction to the water that needs to flow through the system.

    More about blocked drains in Tring
    Drain 365 can unblock and clear blocked drains in Tring using our professional drain unblocking equipment. Armed with a drain jet and drain rod, our drainage engineers can make your blockage a thing of the past. Using high pressure water jetting into the drains will eliminate debris lining the interior of the pipe. The force of the water being dispersed is effective at breaking down and blasting away an obstruction of foreign materials that do not break down and disintegrate like toilet paper. Sometimes a drain rod may be used in addition to the jet to help push through more awkward blockages to leave you with a clear drain that will return functionality to your property.

    Sometimes the drains may have been disturbed by nearby trees and plants who’s roots have extended and broken into the pipework, causing an obstruction. When this happens, our engineer will employ the use of our root cutting tool which, when inserted into the drain, will sever the roots inside the pipework.

    Pipework can suffer from a buildup of minerals that over time can cause some obstruction which affects the performance of facilities such as urinals. Using our mechanical picote machine with specialist chains, we can descale the drains at your property in Tring.

    Whilst many of these methods are highly effective at clearing drains, there maybe times where they may not work. This is usually because there is a bigger issue at hand, sometimes with the condition of the pipework, that needs to be investigated in order to locate and identify the cause of the blockage. This is done by undertaking a CCTV drain survey.

    To speak to a leading Drainage Company in London, call Drain 365 today on 0800 699 0922 or fill out our quick and easy contact form.

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    CCTV INspections

    CCTV Drain Surveys
    in Tring

    Homeowners or property developers who are looking to transform or extend a property often need to know the condition of the drains to see if the system can cater for the building work they are about to make. This is usually done by having a CCTV Drain Survey at the property.

    Drain 365 often provide CCTV Drain Surveys in Tring for commercial and domestic clients who require a survey to unearth any issues which may be plaguing the drainage system. This could be in reaction to recurring blocked drains that struggle to remain clear or for the aforementioned development reasons.

    When undertaking a drain survey, our drainage engineer inserts a camera probe into the drainage pipe which transmits video to a screen which our engineer monitors. We can see exactly what the probe sees and at what depth so we can assess any damage if there is any as well as the overall condition and layout of the system.

    When a drain survey is complete, our engineer will provide the footage of the survey on a DVD alongside a comprehensive report that provides detail on the system and any problems that have been discovered. Our drainage engineer will be happy to provide a quote for any remedial work that may be needed, whilst the DVD and report can be used by third parties such as insurance or to shop for more quotes.

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    Homebuyer’s Drain Surveys In Tring

    When looking to purchase a property which you can call home, it’s important to know exactly what you’re dealing with. An estate agent’s website and brochure lists an overall summary of the property but one thing they often declare that hasn’t been checked are the drains. You could potentially be buying a property with expensive drainage problems – who wants that?

    Drain 365 provide Homebuyer’s Drain Surveys in Tring for those looking to get full details of their chosen property’s drainage.  The comprehensive report will highlight any issues that are currently developing or present in the drainage that you need to be aware of. With this information, you can then negotiate with the seller such as getting the remedial work done before contracts and money are exchanged.


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    Drain Repairs in Tring

    Drains can become damaged in many ways. Sometimes it’s through ‘wear and tear’ with the pipework eventually succumbing to years of use. In other instances, drains can become damaged from ground movement, roots or building work. Even the substances that you pour down the sink or grid can contribute to the corrosion and weakening of pipework.

    Drain 365 can provide a number of drain repairs in Tring to domestic and commercial drainage systems. Whether it’s a cracked or leaking pipe or something much bigger, our specialist team of drainage engineers can provide the repairs needed to get your system A1 once again.

    More about drain repairs in Tring
    With minor damage to pipes, such as cracks, we often advise drain lining as a suitable solution. Drain lining covers the cracks in the pipe and acts as a skin on the inside of the pipe, allowing waste and water to flow through the pipework unhampered due to its smooth surface. Not only is this an highly effective solution, it’s also cost-effective compared to replacing the pipework.

    Drain installation is also a service which we provide for properties that are being developed or require their drains to be replaced using modern, durable materials.

    For a quote for drain repairs at your property, contact Drain 365 today.

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    Pest Control in Tring

    Have you discovered rats in your home? Talk with our team at Drain 365. We can provide pest control in Tring to help you get rid of and prevent the return of unwanted vermin.

    Prevention is the most important solution in avoiding future infestations which is why we recommend rat blockers to be installed in your drains.

    Rat blockers, also known as non-return valves, are fitted into pipes and allow water and waste to flow in one direction but block anything from travelling through the blocker in the opposite direction. With a rat blocker fitted, rats will not be able to enter up a drain pipe in the opposite direction to the flow.

    If you’re interested in having rat blockers fitted in your drains, contact Drain 365 today..

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