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Mechanical Root Cutting London

Root ingress is a major problem in drains becoming blocked or even collapsing. The most common cause of root ingress is from nearby trees or bushes. At Drain 365 Ltd we use a mechanical root cutting machine that will remove the roots 100% from your drain line, in a fraction of the time of water powered root cutters

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    How it works

    A CCTV inspection is carried out to locate the roots within the pipeline. The engineer will then select the right cutting chain to install on the machine. The chain is then inserted into the pipeline on a long shaft. This shaft then rotates, causing the chains with special carbine tips to remove the roots within seconds.

    As you can see from the above video files that roots are removed and the pipe line is not damaged in the process.

    What happens when the roots are removed?

    Once the roots have been removed, we would then install a polyester liner or epoxy patch repair to prevent the roots from being able to re-enter the pipelines.

    Planning a new garden

    If planning to landscape and replant trees and bushes on the property, it is always best to plant as far away as possible from any drain lines. At Drain 365 Ltd we can carry out a CCTV inspection to map the drain lines. This way you can avoid costly repairs in the near future caused by root ingress or intrusion.