Drain Clearance for CAU Cambridge


Here at Drain 365, our experienced team has delivered unique services to properties across the UK. We can provide a complete range of drain unblocking and maintenance to a wide range of drainage systems. Our drainage specialists have provided drain clearance in Cambridge to a variety of properties. Recently, we were asked to provide a pipe and drain clearance service to CAU Cambridge.

Our professional team have worked in a wide range of environments over the years, including restaurants. We understand just how important it is that these environments are clean of all dirt and that the drainage systems operate as they should.

Drain Clearance in Cambridge for CAU Steak Restaurants

As one of the busiest restaurants in Cambridge, CAU Cambridge could not afford to be closed during its standard opening hours. However, it required professional drain cleaning in order to continue to deliver a high-quality service to its clientele.

The Drain 365 team agreed to work around CAU Cambridge’s schedule. Our drainage specialists conducted the entire drain clearing service overnight. We worked through the night to ensure that the entire project was completed to a high-standard before the restaurant opened the next day.

As part of our comprehensive service, the Drain 365 team were able to provide a full cleaning and clearance service for CAU’s drains and pipes. This included:

  • Removal of All Rust from Cast Iron Pipes
  • Cleaning of Grease from Pipes and Drains
  • Removal of Trapped Cutlery, Causing Blockages in the Drains

Thanks to our cleaning services, we were able to ensure that the drainage system operated as efficiently as possible. Our services were focused on the cast iron pipe lines in the building’s basement. These pipes had no effect on the cleanliness of the kitchen but could have led to a range of problems if left untreated.

Drain Mapping and CCTV Drain Surveys

Once we’d completed cleaning the drain pipes, we conducted a thorough CCTV drain survey to identify any problems with the system. We also utilised an industry-leading max probe unit to conduct a throughout mapping of the property’s drains.

Drain mapping can save a great deal of issues in the future. It provides a reliable map for any future maintenance, repairs, pipe replacement or cleaning. These maps can be used to highlight bottlenecks and damaged sections which could lead to serious problems in the future.

Having ready access to the information can make the treatment of future issues much quicker and more reliable. In a fast-paced environment like CAU Cambridge, this information can be absolutely essential for any future drainage projects.

Choose Drain 365 for Drain Clearance in Cambridge

Here at Drain 365, we can provide a complete range of drainage services to suit your clients’ needs. We have worked with a wide range of properties to deliver a truly reliable service. Our experienced team can work around your schedule to deliver a truly effective service.

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