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    Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning Services

    At Drain 365, we might be known more for our drainage services, but we also undertake professional cleaning of driveways as well as offering patio cleaning in London and Hertfordshire. Learn more by calling us on 0800 699 0922, or fill out our simple contact form.

    Our team have access to industry-leading equipment which can quickly eliminate dirt that has accumulated over years of use of your driveway or patio. As well as looking unsightly, dirty surfaces could be hiding serious damage and in some instances could cause a slip hazard. Here at Drain 365, we’re able to provide professional driveway and patio cleaning for properties throughout London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Thanks to our dedicated domestic drainage and cleaning services, you’ll be able to protect your outdoor surfaces from all kinds of damage.

    Although external surfaces such as paving and flags are designed to deliver many years of reliable surface, neglecting to care for them can shorten their lifespan. Over the years, grease, bird waste, dust, dirt and sand can all build up on your surface. For driveways, it is also possible that petrol and oil spillages can cause a major impact on your surfaces.

    Thanks to Drain 365, you’ll be able to restore your driveway and patio surfaces to their former glory. Simple, decorative and coloured surfaces can all become unpleasant to look at and use on a regular basis if left unclean. This is true for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Get in touch today!

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    What are the Benefits of Driveway and Patio Cleaning in London?

    More and more people are choosing to get in touch with professional cleaners of driveways and patios.
    Not only is it hard to find the time to do the job properly, it can be almost impossible without the right equipment. In many cases, even pressure washers can’t be used to any great effect on driveways once they’ve been stained with oil, spilled petrol and the dirty grease from tyres.
    Actually getting your hands on the equipment you’ll need to do a professional job can be a great deal costlier than hiring a professional team.

    There are many benefits to choosing a professional driveway and patio cleaning team in London. Just some of these advantages can include:

    • Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning is Cheaper – Choosing to employ a professional team to clean your driveway or patio is significantly cheaper than buying your own equipment. If you aren’t going to clean your external surfaces every month or so, it really isn’t worth buying the equipment yourself. Hiring a professional team is much cheaper, particularly as you may only require our services annually or biennially.
    • A Quicker, More Professional Service – As the Drain 365 team clean driveways and patios on a regular basis, we have extensive experience. We can fully clean almost any external surface much faster than you would be able to. We’re also able to ensure that the finished project is completed to a professional standard.
    • An Eco-Friendly Service – Here at Drain 365, we’re able to provide an eco-friendly cleaning service. We’re able to complete the entire cleaning project without relying on potentially harmful chemicals. Although we use only water, we can ensure that we use it efficiently. As such, we will use less water to clean the surface than a non-professional, or someone using a simple power washer. Contact us to learn more.
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    Professional Cleaning Services for a Complete Range of Exterior Surfaces

    Here at Drain 365, we can deliver an unbeatable cleaning service for all kinds of external surfaces. Over the years, we’ve worked to clean a variety of driveways and patios. Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial external surface cleaning, get in touch with our team today. Using our industry-leading equipment, we’re able to clean a variety of common surfaces, including:

    • Flag Stones.
    • Paving Stones and Block Paving.
    • Tarmac Driveways.
    • Concrete Surfaces.
    • Stone and Brick Driveways and Patios.

    Whatever kind of surface you need cleaning, our team are here to help. We rely on just water, meaning that our services will not cause any damage or discolouration of your surface. As we don’t use any harmful chemicals in our cleaning process, we will not harm nearby plants or any pets in your home. Call us to find out more.

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    Why choose Drain 365?


    Drain 365 - We’re Your Trusted Drainage Company

    Having attended all types of drainage problems throughout London, our drainage engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide fast, friendly and effective service for our customers.

    No matter what the problem with your drainage system is or how problematic your blockage might be, call us now on freephone 0800 699 0922 to discuss your requirements with a member of our drainage team. Our same-day service will get the problem sorted and get your drainage system working efficiently once again.

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    What Kinds of Dirt Can We Clean?

    We are proud to offer a comprehensive service which is powerful enough to eliminate practically every kind of dirt on your surface. Just some of the most common materials that we can eliminate include:

    • Dirt, Grit and Sand.
    • Moss and Mould.
    • Oil Spills and Stains.
    • Spilled Petrol Stains.
    • Discoloured Stones.
    • Weeds
    • Animal Waste Stains.

    Thanks to our professional driveway and patio cleaning services, we’re able to quickly and easily restore your surface to its former glory. Whether you’re looking to prepare your surface for an upcoming barbecue, you’re preparing to sell your home, or you want to avoid long-term damage, get in touch with our team today.

    ExternL CLEANING

    For Driveway and Patio Cleaning in
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    If you would like your driveway & patio professionally cleaned, you might be wondering what to do and where to turn. Luckily, you can get great domestic and commercial external cleaning services and drain cleaning with Drain 365. We are a professional drainage repair and cleaning service that specialises in unblocking blocked and clogged drains. Our experienced and qualified technicians are equipped with the latest equipment and technology to solve your drainage or external cleaning problems quickly and effectively. From CCTV Drain Surveys to drain unblocking in London, we are available 24/7 to address any drainage emergencies that may occur. For a free consultation, call us today!