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    rat problems hertfordshire

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    Rodent & Rat Problems Hertfordshire

    Drain 365 don’t just deal with drainage systems, we also remove rat infestations when rats and rodents cause you problems in Hertfordshire.

    Rats are classed as vermin and are known to cause a number of health-related issues wherever they go and carry all types of diseases which could be easily harm humans and other animals. If you have a restaurant, a rat infestation could contaminate your kitchen area. If rat droppings or disease comes into contact with food or utensils, it could make your customers ill and increase the risk of a law suit against you or your business. Rats can also cause a lot of damage, whether it’s to stock or to your property itself, so it’s paramount to ensure your property is clear of any infestation.

    If you’ve seen or suspect rats are on your property, you should actively try to prevent them from nesting near to your home or place of work by laying traps to kill them which to prevent them from causing further damage or breeding…

    Rats and rodents are generally easy to kill, so long as you can catch them, but killing one or two doesn’t always resolve the issue. They usually nest within cavities and drain pipes out of reach and out of sight of humans making them tricky to eliminate.

    More about Rodent & Rat Problems

    Drain 365 have developed a strategy to exterminate rats in Hertfordshire. By removing the nest, the rats will be forced to build a new nest elsewhere, delaying the breeding time somewhat. When the nest is removed, traps and poison will be laid which we can actively monitored to see if the infestation is trying to return to its source. The poison we use dries out the body of the rat and eliminates the bad odours in case they die in a place which we are unable to locate. This long term process will eliminate any venturing rodents that are looking to make a new home in your home or place of work.

    Preventative measures are always important to consider which is why we also fit rat blockers in Hertfordshire. A rat blocker, also known as a non-return valve, is fitted into a drain pipe and only allows flow one way down the pipe, therefore water can exit the property but nothing can enter in the opposite direction.

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    Why Drains Can be the Source of Your Vermin Problem

    It is known that 90% of rodent and rat problems are found within defective drains. Rats may choose to burrow out from the faults found within a drainage system where they will choose to nest. At this point, it will not take very long for an infestation to develop.

    When rodents become established in their nest, they have been known to be able to reproduce at an alarming rate, meaning by the end of 12 months you could be dealing with over 1200 rats!

    Ensuring you resolve the problem quickly could save you a lot of money in the lot run. If you run a business it will prevent the need to temporally shut down while the infestation is resolved.

    rat problems hertfordshire

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    Why are rats such a problem?

    Short Gestation Period

    Female rats are pregnant for around 23 days before giving birth

    Reproduce at a Young Age

    At 5 weeks old, rats hit sexual maturity and are able to procreate.

    Large Litters

    A female rat can have a litter of 6 to 12 babies!

    Destructive Nature

    Rats often chew through materials to create nesting material. This can cause expensive destruction to property and if wires are chewed through it could cause a fire. Rats can also carry disease.

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    What can you do to keep rats at bay?

    Housekeeping – Keeping your home or business clean and food free can decreases the chances of a rat choosing to nest nearby, they will often nest close to a food source.

    Set Traps – Keep up the use of traps, they will reduce the chances of a rodent choosing to nest there, and if they do you’ll know when a trap is set off.

    Do not release them – if you manage to catch one alive do not release it into the wild there is a good chance that they will manage to find their way back into your home.

    Check Drain Systems – Rats are more commonly found in drainage and sewage networks, by checking your drainage system will inform you how likely they are to nest.

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