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    If you find yourself with drainage issues in your home or business, it can be extremely worrying. Taking remedial action quickly is crucial to avoid the problem escalating and leading to more extensive and costly repair work.

    Failure to deal quickly with drainage issues can also cause more substantial problems for your property such as structural damage. At the first sign of any drainage issues, it’s best to call a professional who can assess and fix any issues your drainage may be experiencing.

    Drain 365 is a trusted drainage company in Kimpton that delivers a range of drainage services for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

    By offering our services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we are available when you most need us. Our quality drainage service is here for you any time of day or night. Our 60-minute average response time means when your problem occurs we are able to attend your property promptly, even if you’re in the surrounding areas of Harpenden or Luton.

    We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a wide range of drain repairs in Kimpton. Our drain repair services include drain lining, pipe replacement and installation of new drainage systems. If you are suffering from any drainage issues in your home or business, our team are on hand to help.

    If you are experiencing drainage issues in Kimpton, suffering from blocked drains London or would benefit from one of our CCTV drain surveys London, speak to a member of our team today or email us through our contact form.

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    Blocked Drains in Kimpton

    Minor blockages to sinks and toilets are often seen as nothing more than an inconvenience. However, if not dealt with immediately, they can escalate quickly leading to more serious issues such as collapsed drains.

    By not taking care when disposing of items like grease and oils, sanitary products and baby wipes you can put the health of your drainage system at risk. This type of item, when poured or flushed down sinks and toilets, can clog up your system and lead to blockages.

    Our professional team offer comprehensive cleaning of blocked drains in Kimpton that more than meets the needs of our customers. We employ a wide range of techniques that allow us to successfully clear clogged drains effectively. By using the most up to date tools, our professional drainage engineers will generally unblock your drains in one visit. Modern drainage clearance methods, such as drain jetting and drain rodding, mean we are able to get your drains flowing freely again in no time.

    Cleaning Blocked Drains in Kimpton

    There are many signs that your drains may be blocked. If you find yourself experiencing slow draining sinks, toilets that back up or localised flooding, it’s likely you have a blocked drain. By taking advantage of our professional staff and modern drain clearance techniques your drains will be operating normally in no time.

    We also have the ability to descale your drains by using a picote machine with specialist chains. This will combat the build-up of minerals that harden and cause blockages over the time. Descaling your drains will give them a smooth surface that allows waste to flow unimpeded away from your property.

    Drainage systems can also become blocked when tree roots intrude into your drainage pipes. To counteract this, our drainage engineers will use a bladed cable to cut through the roots. This ensures any blockage is completely removed and your drains are restored to full working order.

    Whatever type of drain blockage you encounter, we are here for you. We can provide drain unblocking in Kimpton quickly and without fuss. To get all the information on our cost-effective drain clearance services, call our team today on 0800 699 0922.

    CCTV drain surveys Kimpton
    CCTV INspections

    CCTV Drain Surveys
    in Kimpton

    The cause of a blocked drain may not always be easy to identify. If the obstruction is located deep within your system, it can prove problematic and difficult to diagnose. By using our specialist drainage cameras, our drainage engineers can locate and resolve even the most complex drainage problems. This is referred to as a CCTV drain survey.

    Our team at Drain 365 can conduct CCTV Drain Surveys in Kimpton to identify any damage or issues with the drainage, such as cracked and fractured pipes. This enables us to rectify any problems that exist and prevent minor issues developing into more serious and costly problems.

    Our CCTV Drain Surveys can also be used to help when planning home improvements. A drain survey can give you a complete overview of your system and how your renovations may impact your property.

    A DVD and report are provided with every drain survey we undertake, whether it’s domestic, commercial or industrial pipe surveys. If the survey highlights damage or problems within the system, our drainage engineer will happily provide a free, no-obligation quotation for the remedial work.

    To get all the information on our CCTV Drain Surveys in Kimpton, contact our professional team today.

    why choose drain 365?

    Drain 365 – Why We’re Your Trusted Drainage Company


    The impending purchase of a home or business undoubtedly carries with it a certain level of stress. Here at Drain 365, we can relieve some of this stress by ensuring you are fully informed on the condition of the properties drains. Our Homebuyer Drain Surveys in Kimpton offers you a complete health check on the drainage system of your prospective purchase.

    By instructing us to carry out a homebuyer’s drain survey, you can ensure you are fully informed about any current or possible future drainage issues. This means you can either ensure any remedial work is undertaken prior to completion or look at price reduction to take into account any outstanding work.

    By taking advantage of our homebuyer drain surveys, you are able to remove the possibility of unexpected repair costs.

    To get information on or to arrange a homebuyer drain survey in Kimpton call our expert team today.

    Quality Drain Repair Services in Kimpton

    Damaged drains can cause serious disruption to your property if left unchecked. Issues such as cracked and fractured pipes often lead to internal or external flooding.

    Whatever type of damage you sustain, failure to deal with it promptly can exacerbate the problem. This can result in serious issues such as collapsed drains and in the most extreme cases structural damage.

    Our team of professional drainage engineers conduct a range of drain repairs in Kimpton. Techniques, such as drain lining, allow our engineers to repair existing drains without the need for more costly drainpipe replacement.

    Drain lining involves the insertion of a resin lining into your system which is then inflated forming an additional layer to your pipes. This will repair any leaks and cracks removing the possibility of flooding and giving your system a smooth surface.

    If your pipework has become damaged beyond repair, our team is able to install new pipework. Whether you need a single drainage pipe replaced or a completely new system, no job is too big or small. Our experienced drainage engineers will always explore every possible repair option before replacing existing pipes. This ensures we will always provide the most appropriate and cost-effective repair solution to our customers.

    Get a quote for your drainage repair in Kimpton. To speak to a leading Drainage Company in London, call Drain 365 today on 0800 699 0922 or fill out our quick and easy contact form.

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    Pest Control in Kimpton

    Colder weather tends to lead to an increase in vermin attempting to enter properties looking for a warm nesting place. By fitting rat blockers to your drainage pipes, you can ensure one avenue into your property is removed. Drainage pipes are one of the most popular entry points for rats and other vermin looking to get into homes and businesses.

    Rat Blockers or non-return valves allows waste water to exit your property while preventing entry from the opposite direction. This means you can be secure in the knowledge that vermin cannot enter your property through your drains.

    To find out how our pest control in Kimpton can benefit your home or business contact us today.